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First, the company provides after-sales service

1. Consulting service: Please read the instruction manual of the product carefully before using the product. If you encounter any problems during use, you can contact your local dealer or call Aite Mingke National Customer Service Hotline: 400-600-6266 Service Line. (Service hours: Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00, except national holidays), or visit the official website of

    2, replacement service: during the replacement period, there is a non-human failure in normal use, please keep the appearance of the product, accessories and packaging intact (if the appearance is damaged, for warranty treatment), after the test confirms the fault, you can choose to exchange Or repair, the user can contact the local Aite Ming dealers to deal with.

    3, warranty service: During the warranty period, there is a non-human failure in normal use, you can enjoy free warranty service (if man-made damage, for charge repair).

4, charge repair service: more than one year after the product serial number date, the failure can be repaired, the user needs to pay for the repair.

5, purchase in different places, local after-sales, or local purchase, after the sale of off-site, an additional fee of 15 yuan / Taiwan.

6. The following conditions are not within the scope of the Three Guarantees. The Company can provide paid services:

(1) More than three guarantees;

(2) Altering the three-package certificate, or the serial number does not match the product itself;

(3) Accidental factors or product damage caused by human (such as: failure to operate, maintain or keep in accordance with the instruction manual, failure caused by installation error, access to improper power supply, water ingress, oil leakage, broken, etc.)

(4) No valid three-package certificate and valid invoice (except that the product can be proved to be within the service period)

(5) Product failure or damage caused by force majeure such as earthquake, fire, flood, lightning strike, etc.;

(6) Unauthorized disassembly, repair or modification without the permission of the company.

7. The content interpretation right of this three-package certificate belongs to Shenzhen Aite Mingke Technology Co., Ltd. and is subject to change without prior notice.

Second, the description of after-sales service

1. The service time limit is based on the time when the product comes with the serial number.

2, the quality problem does not include the user's personal subjective objection to sound quality, tone and so on.

3. The outer casing, manual and packaging are not covered by the warranty service.

4. For the service of the discontinued model products, the company only performs functional repair (the appearance may be different from the original product).

5. The company does not assume any responsibility for other commitments made by the dealer to you that are not guaranteed by the company.

6. The user should back up or record important information separately before accepting the service. The company is not responsible for any loss caused by maintenance or any other reason. The company is also not responsible for the losses caused by the leakage of confidential information to third parties due to improper storage, such as bank account numbers, passwords, and information changes.

7. During the free warranty period, the company or authorized service organization has the ownership and disposal right of the defective parts after replacement.

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