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First, the machine link mobile phone has intermittent problems

answer:1. Whether the sound source of the speaker and the mobile phone/tablet is separated by a wall or other medium, the medium has weakened and worn out the Bluetooth signal, the medium is different, and the degree of weakening is different. If there is no other object in between, the Bluetooth transmission is smooth. That is caused by media interference, avoiding it;

2, Bluetooth speaker working environment whether there are routers and other wireless devices work, if there is, it is recommended to turn off the wifi signal and then perform Bluetooth test, if the Bluetooth transmission is smooth after the shutdown, then it is caused by signal interference, it is recommended to turn off other wireless signals Use, or avoid the current environment;

3, check if the speaker is not enough power, it is recommended to charge the speaker and try again;

4, check if the phone / tablet power is not enough, it is recommended to charge the phone / tablet and try again;

5. If the above factors are excluded, it is recommended to do the after-sales repair.

Second, prompt volume adjustment

answer:1. Turn on and wait for the connection, or press the play pause button twice after power on, then press the plus or minus button (the plus and minus signs are respectively adjust the prompt volume), debug the volume and then press the play pause button. Enter other modes, and the current adjustment data is automatically saved at this time.

2, can also be through software debugging, enter the official website of Aite Mingke: select "Help", then select "Software Update", download the corresponding model brush machine. If you do not operate, you can call Aite Mingke Service Hotline 4006006266 to 3, consult Aite Mingke engineers.

Third, the call is not clear or can not call

answer:First of all, to ensure that the mic distance with the audio is about 20CM when talking, the call effect is the best, if the conditions are met or the call is not good, then please go to the official website to download the latest firmware upgrade to solve the problem, if you upgrade the firmware or No, do after-sales processing.

Fourth, do not read TF card

answer:Under normal circumstances, Aite Mingke models support 32G and below capacity brand memory card reading. If you can't read the contents of the card, first understand whether the memory card is genuine licensed, non-authentic card quality is not guaranteed, Aite Mingke can not fully guarantee the compatibility of non-authentic licensed cards. If it is a genuine licensed card, you can try another card. Can not read the card, it is recommended to reformat and then import music. Of course, there is also a possibility that the format of the copied music is incorrect. Please read the product manual carefully and import the music format supported by the product. If the above operations can not be resolved, do after-sales processing.

Five, the machine Bluetooth connection is not a problem

answer:For the machine with the prompt tone, after waiting for the prompt tone to wait for the link after booting, the machine can search for the Bluetooth signal. When the machine is turned on and the prompt tone is not prompted, the Bluetooth signal is not searched. There is also a possibility that the machine and the Bluetooth speaker are not compatible, and the Bluetooth solution selected by Aite Ming is compatible with the branded smart phone on the market. If you encounter a connection, you can follow the above process, if not, after-sales processing.

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